Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

surgeon update

ok so,we went to the peds surgeon today to get a 2nd opinion on the 2 cysts on the back of his head..the surgeon says these are lymph nodes that are enlarged trying to fight off an infection he has..which he is coughing and and sometimes trying to puke from it...the surgeon wants to leave them go..he wants me to check them atleast once a week..if they grow at all in size then the surgeon will drain them,possibly test them and if needed remove them..since we were in cleveland and vince still has that cough i walked up to the CF center without an appointment and was able to get a throat culture done..those results will be in monday...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

bad news...

ok so,vince started coughing shortly after CF clinic..we were told his staph was 2+ rather than being his normal 1..he also had ecoli and an unknown bacteria (that we were not told about) well with the cough he was started on Cipro for the staph infection..he has also been pretty constipated getting miralax 1-3x daily wasnt doing anything (which is VERY odd) along with there being a neon yellow was not shiny meaning it was not we called the dr back and they wanted him tested for C-Diff and constipation and then we will be treating the unknown at the peds we got BIG news when i found a lump on the back of his while finger combing his hair..i mentioned it to the dr who then found another lump..both are pea sized,soft and these indicate cysts rather than lymph nodes..however i am scared and am wonering if i should demand more testing on these such as doing an MRI or a CT afraid of these more serious than "just a cyst"...peds think for sure vince is constipated because its not likely for him to of gained a pound in less than a month..we did 1/2 an enema this morning and had "ok" results..we are to do the rest later today..and increase miralax even more...we should have the C-Diff results tomorrow...please keep vince in your thoughts and prayers that thse cysts disapear..