Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


yesterday vince played in his pool and had a great time..he started his bactrim yesterday,and it is not going well...the 1st dose he pretty much just kept spitting it at me..then last night i tried putting it farther in his throat so hed swallow it and he gagged until he threw up..then he fought the rest of his meds and treatments...this morning...the same,except i mixed it with a little gerber berry yogurt.and he took the 1st bite,then started his gagging and once again threw up!! now he is napping and i plan to put him in his pool when he wakes up..

He was pooping really well and im pretty sure we got the blockage out,it was the worst smelling poop hes had,even before he had enzymes when he was he has only pooped a small amount once today so i will try the Miralax once every other day,every day was causing too much poop..sometimes you have to work with different meds to see what works he gets his vitamins and salt in the same bottle and has since he was diagnosed at 3 weeks..other than these issues he seems to be having a wonderful time this summer....however hes been mad cause sam has been cleaning the fish tanks out,and vince cant be on the floor to crawl and get into things..well i am gonna get off here,and get things ready for the pool when he wakes is a picture of him in his pool yesterday =)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


ok,so the doctor looked at the culture (finally) and he is not growing a lot of bacteria but since its there and hes coughing so hard he throws up,hes being treated with Bactrim..if he is still growing it on the next culture he will most likely be admitted is what i was told..atleast my hopes are high now,and we are still home..
***some good news is that vince is pooping very well..he even got up in the night because he had pooped...of course i was tired and did not woke up,but hes pooping and thats what so excited about this =)he also ate some fruit loops for his 1st time today..he likes them but is still learning that they take more chewing than fruit puffs and cherrios..well today will be a short one,and we will keep this all good news

Monday, July 26, 2010


ok,so vince threw up again on saturday night and still is having only SOME had poop..however when i called the doctor this morning to check on his culture,it is still pending but is already growing staph (MRSA) and i'm pretty nervous,she said its a small amount..and the final result should be in maybe tomorrow..she said to continue the i am hoping since its a small amount that he can either do an oral antibiotic,or another breathing treatment..
On a good note,I got a call from Help Me Grow,and they want to buy us a new highchair since his does not have a seat belt,just a tray..and they also gave me the phone number for the CF doctor from Akron Childrens that comes here to Norwalk about once a I am hoping I like this doctor so we can be closer,and Norwalk is where I delivered so the hospital seemed pretty nice,oh and we all know what its like to live on hospital food during the stay and Norwalk even has more/better food =) I just had to throw that in there...well I am gonna get ready to feed the little man some breakfast...

Saturday, July 24, 2010


ok,so this is my 1st post.I am Kaylah,Vince's mommy..his daddy is Sam,and he works +40 hours a week so i can stay home with Vince. Vince is going to be 11 months old tomorrow. He has Cystic Fibrosis(CF) and was diagnosed at 3 weeks old..when i was pregnant i chose to have the carrier testing done,even though no family on either side has ever had CF to our knowledge,when i tested positive,sam was tested and was also at about 7 months along we knew there was a chance our son would have this awful disease. On Septmeber 17,2009 we went to Toledo Childrens Hospital and had a sweat test and chest xray done,which all confirmed he did in fact have the disease,we were told at that point he had bronchitis,but everything would be ok..then 5 days later we were called and told he had pnemonia and needed to be admitted for a minimum of 10 days but to plan for a 2 week stay..and how exactly does that = ok? not in my book..when he came home he did great,had finally gained 2 pounds since birth and looked and acted happier than ever..hes done pretty well with everything..he was admitted once more on March 26,2010 for another 10 day stay for pnemonia..he is still doing well,however he has began puking atleast 1 whole feeding a day for 4 days..he is also having trouble pooping,itd be diareah,and then be a golf ball,so once again we headed to Toledo,where we learned he has the start of a stomach blockage and the hard stuff is part of that blockage,and the diareah is the poo being pushed past the he was put on miralax..this is day number 2 and we still have not had a good poop..gonna wait until monday or maybe tuesday and go back to Toledo for the same issue..well thats all for now..