Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

what a day..cleveland style :)

so today we had our appointment with cleveland..1st off,the dietician,Terri,weighed him..he was 26lbs. 4oz. and was 32 inches..although i do believe his height was incorrect..but it is what it is..he gained 1 pound this month from me doubling his calories and adding duocal when possible..he was at the 50% last month..good..but on the low end for VINCE'S growth...he is back up the scale at the 54%...his milk was switched to boost kid essentials 1.5cal..this has 355 calories in 8 ounces..he really seemed to enjoy it..although he had a screaming fit,and we're not sure what caused it he will be watched closely with the new milk..the dr checked his ears since he has been having balance issues..dr believes he is just going through a clumsy phase but to keep an eye on his falling...some meds were switched,stopped,and put on hold..meaning i have extras of things for those in pay shipping!

he went from albuterol to ventolin..ALBUTEROL LEFTOVERS
pulmicort to flonase..SMALL PULMICORT LEFTOVER
zantac is on hold since he refuses,why fight?
TOBI is on hold until the next culture is back..if its clean i have almost a 28 day supply!!!!!

he mentioned that if his allergies act up this year he will see an allergist to determine the cause and best treatment plan..if a handicap sticker is needed through the summer it will be approved..along with one being approved again around november..vince will be starting hypertonic saline when he turns 2 years old...

he also went to his 1st new speech therapy went great..she chose to use the 1st day as a getting to know each other day..they played with toys..vince interacted with everyone..she had snacks out (appropriate for his age) his ate a few yogurt melts and fed the toy dog a goldfish..he just picked up the goldfish like it wasnt a big deal..i was so proud of him today!! he got his 1st balloon (ball-ball) and he played with it most of the went great!!!! but the ONLY bad back is extremly sore from driving there and back again!!! so im taking some excedrin back pain relief and going to bed with warm blankets hoping its better in the AM...

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