Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

potty training

ok,as you all know vince is now 2 years old..i have mentioned before that i want him in preschool both at age 3 and 4..i want him to have the social skills and i want to see how his health is before school "matters" now i know of atleast 1 school that i can get him into and he would not need to be potty trained..but this is a private school which could get costly! if i put him in the public preschool he qualifies based off medical needs for free schooling..but would need trained..he knows how to take his "diapy" off,take his pants off,sign potty,wants changed when pees or do i go about it..i know 1st thin in the AM..but then what..every 1/2 hour? after he eats? do i give him a book to try and occupy him so the time goes faster? what about when we are not home? he is starting therapy twice a week 30 minutes from home and is afraid of the "big potty"...i have heard plenty of times that boys take longer than girls...but i feel i should atleast be TRYING! please give me all the info you have :)

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