Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

november '11 update

ok i know everyone has been wanting me to update about what happened yesterday!!
for those still learning about CF vince can become constipated easily because of the amount of mucous throughout his body..he is on miralax as needed for fact he just had some maybe 4 days ago and things moved the way they should (a little too well)...well he got backed up a bit yesterday and when i changed him i found enough blood to cause worry..took the CF center almost 2 hours to return my call..luckily peds was on top of it and had us an appointment and a call from the ped before the CF center contacted us...anyway by time we got to the dr it showed negative for blood,HOWEVER..the dr said its obvious its there (especially since he eats nothing red!) the dr thinks vince strained to go to the bathroom and tore something/broke blood vessles on the inside...we are gonna d miralax every day/other day now instead of as needed..we are to go back right away if there are any blood clots..
on a good note,his lungs and ears looked great and his belly is still soft..but he has not gained much weight since his birthday back in august,but is still near that 50% goal mark...

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