Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

CF showing its ugly side

hello everyone...ok so vince had started coughing pretty bad and so we made an appointment with the CF center for tuesday the 13th..however the monday a week before i took him to the peds and he at that time had just a cold and 2 ear infections..he was put on zithromax for 5 days..but after 2 days he completly refused no matter what i did to help friday he was worse and i chose not to wait the weekend we went back to peds...and he wanted an xray right away..he didnt even want to wait until saturday morning..well luckily it showed no pnemonia meaning no admission! the ped said it could either be RSV or CF related...well RSV looks to be out now..which in a way is its more than likely CF related (we will know monday for sure) so we went to the CF center this past tuesday and dr chmiel was impressed with how well the peds dr did on friday and how he handled things...vince had also been urinating alot more than normal so his dr of course says its not normal..lovely..NOT! we did his throat culture..went to their lab and did blood work (he screamed like crazy..the lab tech man gave him 3 stickers and a lolly) then we came home with a urine back to get a sample checking his kidneys and for infection..well i got 1 sample-but was left out too they gave me a new bag..and it was a NEWBORN...needless to say..i was quite little and didnt fit..but i did my best to cover just so he could pee in the bag and then it fell off at some now we were sent home with the correct size and let me just say those bags are pure cruel to a little boy!!!!!!!!
vince's med list also changed..
he gets ventolin-4 puffs 2x daily
albuterol-if run out of ventolin
pulmicort 1mg (2 .5mg viles) 2x daily-when sick
pulmozyme-1x daily
hyper-sal--2x daily
zenpep-2-3 per meal w/fat
zantac 1.5ml 3x daily
miralax 1/2 cap up to 4x daily

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