Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

upcoming plans :)

as everyone knows i am getting closer to my due date..and having a young child with special needs and no babysitter has had me thinking on what to do with him while i'm in the hospital..sam and i have come up with the perfect solution for US! during labor and delivery we will invite someone to watch vince..if he is asleep then this person will sit in the backround very close to vince (i'm taking his travel bed) incase he were to wake up..otherwise if he is awake we will try having him in the room-the same person will still hold him in a chair or such...if he becomes too "noisy" or not listening they will go to the waiting room...there will be 1 other person in the room with a camera for those 1st moments of the new baby's life! we will allow those 2 people to stay for a while and after that we will give the new baby his 1st bath and have our 1st family of 4 time! vince will be staying at the hospital from about dinner until the next morning..he will have a few cars and i'm getting him a portable dvd player and cat in the hat dvd's to help entertain! sam will take him home for a few hours in the day for a break and "rough play"...i will only be in the hospital 1-2 days after delivery..BUT with vince rarely having a babysitter i feel he'd be more stressed staying without us..along with that i want him as involved as possible! it's working well and he is not yet jealous,although i know that can change but i think this is the best for all of us!
      he is still doing alright..some more asthma trouble and tummy issues but they are getting better! his weight is still the same at 30 pounds but i'm glad he's not losing..his ribs are much more noticable though..he has gone 9 months now with no gain!

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