Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

september 17,2009

so 2 days ago on the 17th was 3 years since sam and i were given the terrible news about our baby! that day we thought we'd never have more kids,that vince would never be normal...he'd already had a chest xray that day,a sweat test,a throat culture,and was starting many medications and therapies! we were told he'd be fine that he'd be normal with extra precautions taken at home..and less than a week later he was admitted for his 1st round of IV antibiotics from pneumonia! things were very hard those 1st few days and is still hard to think caused sam and i to argue some (mainly i'd yell cause i was stressed) sam and i are stronger than ever and have a beautiful healthy 3 year old boy! we at the time thought CF was the end of our world...but as time grew on we learned that CF was less of our worry when it came to his eating and sensory issues,which are more stressful now! CF is very manageable! and for that we are thanful..sure it has it's rough times,but when you go out it's not know,it doesn't have to be told that there's a "problem"..but when you go out to eat and a toddler doesn't get food,the looks you get are horrible...if only the people watching really knew how much it hurts that he doesn't eat..and that forcing will just make things worse! vince is getting much better with food in all settings and eats a few things at home now...CF has changed our lives and how we raised our son..but in a way it changed it for the better! we learned we are not alone,and we learned how things we were once doing or going around even hurt our own lungs! we didn't and do not smoke,but now if we are around it we go home and wake him feeling sick! i'm glad CF has taught us how to be a little healthier for our baby love! and we plan to raise vince's little brother Trevor just the same whether he has CF or not!!!!

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