Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Monday, July 26, 2010


ok,so vince threw up again on saturday night and still is having only SOME had poop..however when i called the doctor this morning to check on his culture,it is still pending but is already growing staph (MRSA) and i'm pretty nervous,she said its a small amount..and the final result should be in maybe tomorrow..she said to continue the i am hoping since its a small amount that he can either do an oral antibiotic,or another breathing treatment..
On a good note,I got a call from Help Me Grow,and they want to buy us a new highchair since his does not have a seat belt,just a tray..and they also gave me the phone number for the CF doctor from Akron Childrens that comes here to Norwalk about once a I am hoping I like this doctor so we can be closer,and Norwalk is where I delivered so the hospital seemed pretty nice,oh and we all know what its like to live on hospital food during the stay and Norwalk even has more/better food =) I just had to throw that in there...well I am gonna get ready to feed the little man some breakfast...

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