Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


yesterday vince played in his pool and had a great time..he started his bactrim yesterday,and it is not going well...the 1st dose he pretty much just kept spitting it at me..then last night i tried putting it farther in his throat so hed swallow it and he gagged until he threw up..then he fought the rest of his meds and treatments...this morning...the same,except i mixed it with a little gerber berry yogurt.and he took the 1st bite,then started his gagging and once again threw up!! now he is napping and i plan to put him in his pool when he wakes up..

He was pooping really well and im pretty sure we got the blockage out,it was the worst smelling poop hes had,even before he had enzymes when he was he has only pooped a small amount once today so i will try the Miralax once every other day,every day was causing too much poop..sometimes you have to work with different meds to see what works he gets his vitamins and salt in the same bottle and has since he was diagnosed at 3 weeks..other than these issues he seems to be having a wonderful time this summer....however hes been mad cause sam has been cleaning the fish tanks out,and vince cant be on the floor to crawl and get into things..well i am gonna get off here,and get things ready for the pool when he wakes is a picture of him in his pool yesterday =)

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