Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

is it getting worse?

i ask is it getting worse..because he has been sick 3 times in less than a year..twice is just 4 this really normal? i know each CF child is different but how come he always has to be sick or come i feel like people look at me like im nuts when i say is there smoking? can you wash your hands? no one could possibly understand the day to day events of this disease unless you have it yourself or your child does..i feel so guilty when i tell vince "no" or when he cries...i just want him to atleast be happy if he cant always be so healthy...i feel guilty going tanning and leaving vince at home..but hes with daddy so i shouldnt feel this why do i?how can girls/women that have smoked,drank,and done the illegal drug use while pregnant have a "normal" baby..but an innocent person that does everything possible to keep healthy and safe still end up dealing with a "terminal" disease..the smell of smoke makes me want to gag and vomit..the site of someone smoking makes me want to scream at them...CF is not fair and no one deserves to go through this..

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