Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

proud parents

so we went to the doctor yesterday..along with speech therapy..speech went awful which got my hopes down about the CF center..vince would not eat anything and cried most of the time..he didnt even want to touch any of the we go up to the CF center,the nurse weighs him and he did in fact lose weight because of being sick and not eating..he had no fever and ear was already looking better...he was not put on any new meds..just to continue..his doctor even told me how proud of me he is (including sam) the dr said when a CF baby turns "1" and is at 50% for both height and weight the chance of him dying prematurley is almost "0" so as long as we keep up with his meds treatments and being super duper clean,he has no limit to his age!!!! its a major relief it feels like hes normal but with meds...its not a cure but feels almost as good..and it all because we've done everything to keep him clean and healthy...we also fouund out his gene mutations which are :::R553X and Delta F508

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