Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

ugh..thinking of changing docs!!!!

today i will use yellow as vince loves duckys...he started getting some spots in his diaper area and on his hips,i knew he could be having a reaction to his MMR shot and be getting i called the doctor and they say keep him hydrated and call if hes i call and they wont see him even though his fever continues to go higher,he wont eat--at all..the most hes had all day since 9AM and it is now 3PM is 6 ounces of pediasure and a few drinks of juice...he has only eaten a few yogurt melts..let me just say this is no where near normal for him...the dr says to take him to the Urgent here after i write this im making a list of all his meds so i remember them all,i want sam to go with us....the dr was not even worried that hes not eating or drinking,or that he has a fever...they say hes not eating because hes getting i know my baby and he is not getting any he isnt even chewing on anything like i better get this list started..but i am VERY upset with our doctors...oh and they will not even let me report this to the state!!!!

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