Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Friday, April 1, 2011

major update!!!!!

ok so in the begining of march vince's throat culture results came back showing staph and flavobacterium..he was orally treated since he had a he was put on cephalexin (keflex) this is the same med that caused thrush back in december! i increased his probiotics and gave him as much yogurt as he would take to keep good bacteria in his stomach and prevent diareah and C-Diff...within a few days he had diareah..then he quit eating..then he started peeing orange..his diareah got worse and became me grow said i should not wait any longer on cleveland to call me head to urgent care right away..he had a fever around 100.1 for a few days..but the fever was only there after he would poop! so i took him to urgent care and he was around 26 pounds..27 pounds on our scale at home! they gave me stool sample colectors and sent us home..i was able to get samples that night and took them the next morning..they said it'd be 72 hours before they had any results..less than 24 hours later i get a call from urgent care saying vince had C-Diff both "A and B" i was liked freaked out and everything..cleveland wasn't going to treat him unless he went to their ER..she said go back to urgent off we went..he was down to 25lbs 14 oz. only 2 days later! well urgent care couldnt treat him..the on call doc at cleveland said they had no open CF rooms! so he called in a script for oral flagyl 4x daily for 2 weeks..this caused vince to throw up! he has been on flagyl for 6 days with no improvement! today his poop is only worse,so dark of a green it looks black!!!! i am more scared of this infection than when he normally has pnemonia! i never thought i would need gloves to change my own childs diaper! he is currently not eating a thing..taking only 2-3 boost bottles..and some juice..with 1-2 ounces of the doctor decided to change his med to vancomycin!!! i really hope this helps!!! easter is coming up and it will be his 1st one AT HOME..please pray for my baby boy!!! today on my scale he was down to 26..he normally reads 27.4 on ours...this is not good news!!! plus he is getting his synagis shot tonight! i hate that he is being tortured!!!!

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