Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Friday, April 29, 2011

too much in one day!

ok so most of you know vince has many texture issues and oral aversions..after talking to a friend i chose to have him evaluated for Sensory Processing Disorder..althoug vince is too young to be 100% diagnosed with the disorder none of the 4 parts came back as a normal score..he has 2 probable (lkely) and 2 definite..the definite was the oral issues and the other definite is how things have to be his way,such as where when he falls in the grass and cries if he cant get up because he doesnt want to touch the grass! the probable was his sensitivity to noise and his all this meaness towards (mainly me) isnt exactly his fault..which in a way i feel relieved to know my child isnt just a brat..there is something causing his's why he runs and whines when some noise normal to us scares him..its why he cant and wont eat food (although the new thrapist has already made improvements with him) for those of you that dont know S.P.D. is on the Austism this doent mean vince has full blown autism..he acts for the most part like a normal little boy,he shows love,doesnt get carried away when his routine is unexpectdly changed..this jus explains so much..for all my family or friends who have contact with vince this doesnt change him!! hes still my 100% perfect BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY little man! the only thing is we will learn through Occupational therapy how to discipline him for hurting us (pulling hair,biting) for now we are to just redirect his attention..and it helps but not all the time..i will also not try making him try any food..its all up to him..he needs to have trust in us and the therapist..
the peds wasnt too bad..although i honestly do not think he has gained weight..on that scale naked last time he was 27.6 today he was only 28 with jeans,shirt,socks,and im sure a wet diaper...they do believe he has allergies..he is to get a small dose of benedryl over the weekend and we are to call and make an appointment to see an allergist!

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