Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

we're home for easter :)

well easter is this coming sunday! last year vince was admitted just before easter with pnemonia caused by was over stressful having one of his 1st holidays in the hospital..we are grateful to toledo childrens and the RMH for giving vince easter gifts..including sundays for mommy and daddy..this time last year vince ate ice cream,jelly's out of sam's donuhts..and he was even trying french fries..this year he is not eating ANY of was the 1st day he ate anything in about 4 days..he ate stage 2 sweet potatoes/corn..although i hate that he doesnt eat foods..i am thankful his formula is allowing him to gain/maintain his weight for right most of you know my car broke down last week..the oil pressure light came on ONCE 2 days before i went to cleveland..we checked all the fluids and everything was my car drove great all the way until i got off the soon as i stopped at the stop sign on the exit ramp my oil light turned on..then it continued to turn on every time i stopped..i noticed the temp gage was a BIT warmer than it had been when i was on the highway..the hospital/CF center is only about a 10 minute i made it i was finding a parking space which of course the day my car is about to explode there are no open spaces! so i started hearing this crazy loud girggle under the hood and my car was as hot as it would go..i pulled into a valet spot hoping to not be towed away knowing i couldnt drive any further! i immediatley saw tons of steam and when i opened my car door i noticed radiator fluid naturally i thought my radiator went car was still making terrible noises and smoking so as i was panickly shaking i struggled to unbuckle vince and get him out hoping for the best that we weren't going to blow up (i'm a girl with my son alone..i have no clue what a car is capable of) i told the parking garage people what happened and they had no problem with my car being there..after the appointment they even helped check my fluids..well everything was i tried driving home..i didnt even make it to the highway before the same thing we sat at a BP in a bad area and waited for 3 hours for a tow truck...atleast we made it home safe! all that was wrong is the motor went out in the cooling oil light still comes on if i've drove for a while and then stop..but it doesnt get warm...the chrystler dealer said it will need fixed but is ok as long as the light isnt on while driving..sooo they think the sending unit is just reading that i dont have oil even though i that will be happening in about a week and a half...
vince had his worst throat culture yet..with staph (his normal) psedamonous (has had,but has been gone 4-5 months) and ecoli (only had once at 3 weeks) to all you non cf experts...NONE of these are contagious...we ALL breathe these bacterias in DAILY however we are able to breathe them out..instead they stick to sweet vinces little lungs and cause him glad to be home this easter :)

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