Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


so we went to Cleveland yesterday for a 2nd opinion..he had some good things to say..such as vince fit into both the chest wrap and the vest from hillrom..he gave us samples of duocal and zenpep...he would not write for the vest unless we switch all of our care to him..we hated the drive through that much traffic and to top it all of off we had to pay $8 to park after we were told it was FREE? seriously? the rooms were tiny and the doctor was EXTREMLY slow! so i decided to call toledo today since i have tried feeding vince 4 different times today and he wont take anything..he will hardley drink anything! so i told toledo that cleveland was reccomending the vest and they basiccally said well were not gonna approve it until he is 2! if you want it that bad you can transfere your care! and luann (the dietician) wont be back until monday so they wont prescribe an appetite stimulant or the what they want him to starve? and since luann thinks this is all behavioral she isnt gonna ok anything anyway! so not what? im not happy with toledo yet wasnt pleased with what do i do now? i am so confused i have cried half the day away wanting the best for vince! and he was still only 25 pounds yesterday! thats been for like 3 months now! please help :(

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