Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i've been a little sad...vince was weighed last week with help me grow and was just over 26 pounds..sam and i weighed him yesterday (monday) since he hadnt eaten much through the weekend and he was down a pound at 25 now! this was his previous bottle recipie

coconut milk- 2 ounces:100 cal
pediasure-4 ounces: 120 cal
whole milk-3 ounes-75 cal
this totaled to 295

i began adding 1 packet of the carnation instant breakfast and one packet is 130 calories!!!! this brings the bottle up to 406 calories!

also i found out the mexican nectar juices are very high in calorie and vince actually loved them..they are a little thicker than normal juice but he is drinking a lot of it :)
vinces calorie intake has been around only 400 for the past few weeks..with thoe jucies added yesterday brought it over 650! today we made it over 1,100!!! this is HUGE! we are weighing him again friday in hopes he has gained some weight back! we will be going to Cleveland for our new CF clinic opinion on tuesday the 8th! im excited and nervous all in one! and for those who havent heard the front of vinces hair was really bothering his eyes so sam and i trimmed it..he looks adorable and he has eyes! if this were a girl it would have been fine cause i could then put it up :)

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