Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Monday, February 7, 2011


ok so today was Vince's first day back to Occupational and Speech therapy..i reminded the recepionist that i did not want vince to start out with food or where he left off..i wanted him to have a different approach,a slow positive one..which meant maybe no messy play just touching cookies,crackers and such..and trying out new textured toys like bubble whistles and sand..or paydough..he really does not want anything to do with food and i didnt want him overwelmed today! she ahd EVERYTHING..celery,peanut butter,grapes..blueberries..vince enjoyed playing with the grapes because he thought they were balls..then she has the nerve to say he isnt talking..for one if you have heard him at home,he doesnt shut are his words

more (in sign)

this may not be a ton of words but he is definitly learning fast! help me grow says he is right on target..i had liked the therapists until all of this and now i dont know what to do..i told sam the other day that i wasnt sure if i should even take vince back because he was no longer making progress! the descions NEVER end..
***i am getting really scared and nervous about going to cleveland excited but yet scared..unless you are a CF momma you cant possibly understand what i feel right now..and if you're not a CF momma i bet you think im NUTS! well im not!!! no one gets what i am saying about his eating and his behavior..his meaness is getting better but i mean his behavior over food..he just acts scared..sometimes he acts not hungry,i just dont know..i want answers for him but i dont even know where to find these answers!

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