Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'M DONE....

i'm so through with toledo and their "ways"...i have asked about getting vince a vest since before he was 1..i accepted to wait until he was closer to being 2..well here we are 17 months old and he is too strong for me to do his day "beatings" and is almost too much for sam on SOME nights..some nights he still goes to sleep with with the doctors knowing what is going on i consider that medical neglect-on the doctors i emailed the hill rom vest company to see what i could do..he was in toledo at the time and offered to stop at the CF center and work his magic..well the stupid butts said that vince is "afraid" of the tape measure..ok thats one things he is no where near afraid of he would play with it! so there is a lie..then they told the vest employee that if i go anywhere else they may not see us again and deny vincent care..seriously? well good cause im tired of their CRAP! im calling cleveland about getting in next week around thursday! vince has a snotty nose and a slight cough (but he is majorly teething molars) and i want a throat culture done VERY soon!!!!! im mad,angry,upset,hurt,and if i werent so mad i would cry! this is just plain unacceptable..i only want the best possible care for my baby boy!!!!!!! cleveland and akron were both willing to try a vest on him in their office and evaluate him in getting one during his 1st visit! cleveland was also SHOCKED to hear vince has had contipation issues since being put on creon but was never given an option to try zenpep..also if we use cleveland and i feel his cough is bad and want any procedure such as an xray done it can be here at Firelands since they are associated with Rainbow babies and childrens!

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