Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


ok so christmas is almost here..we have both good and bad news...good is we are home..vince has 2 new teeth which makes 8 in his mouth..when we did an "emergency" visit to the CF center monday xrays and cultures were taken..xray was GREAT meaning no pnemonia! this is one of his longest periods of no infection! wahoo! however the culture was "suposed" to be in today and its STILL growing,which is no good..they said its his normal bacteria so nothing new yet..but since his cough is lingering around he may be treated..they also asked how SOON he will start TOBI-which is wednesday the 29th. so im assuming he is growing a good size amount of psedamonous! he is doing pretty hurt today which isnt anything unusual but i did get more worried this time! he is doing great tonight and acting himself..CRAZY!!!!!!! he also helped cut out the cookies and even frost them..well he played in the frosting :) and the flour :) he has now eaten fairly well 2 days in a row..yesterday for the 1st time i can remember since he was about 10 months old..he ate 2 WHOLE meals..he had strawberry yogurt for breakfast and even ate all the berries..normally he would spit these out and even gag sometimes..then he has sweet potatoes for dinner!!! so everyone have a good night and merry christmas! will update after monday when we get HOPEFULLY a final culture result!

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