Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


well..yesterday (monday) vince had an asthma attack just from my back door to the car,the cold caused him trouble..then today he had a major one in the car as i was pulling up to a store..his face turned white,his eyes,and mouth were red..and he had passed out or instanley fallen asleep from the coughing/choking/gasping..because he had just been awake..i always check on him through my mirror..and now im up and cant get this outta my head!!! here is what his breathing meds normally are,and then what they will be...
9pm...albuterol/pulmozyme(not mixed)
and this is just until thursday when we go to clinic..he will be getting a handicap sticker for our cars..although more was extremly scary..i was told i was lucky he came out of so easily..seriously a 1year old shouldnt have to deal with this!
and on top of all 1 week my baby sister will be 7..and it will be 7 years since i lost my mommy...then 11 days after that christmas..and then in another 11 days i will be 21...
so ya..i could really use some love and support through this season..and vince could use some prayers and some open airways...please keep us all remembered this season!!!!
vince also despite everything i felt the need to get pictures of him playing in the snow for his 1st time!!!!

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