Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Monday, December 13, 2010


ok so things are going pretty that vince's meds have been increased im seeing some relief..we will be picking up the inhaler and aerochamber today..well when vince wakes from his nap!

**today i am feeling both up and down...down because as most know the death of my mom when i was just 13..i am trying to be happy and such but this week is gonna be a rough one...i am VERY excited about the fact that i was accepted into school and i should receive a call tomorrow to set up delivery of my computer and printer..i will also receive an account with office depot to order printer paper,ink,ect.

**tomorrow IF school is not canceled my sister,Bryttny,and I will be delivering balloons and cupcakes to our baby sister..only she's not so baby anymore! she will be 7 tomorrow! the timehas gone by sooo fast! i still remember when she was an itty bitty baby,her 1st christmas,easter,and 4th of july...she's growing into a very pretty little girl...and does wonders with little vince...i think that is all for i will be cleaning and rearranging furniture to make room for everything!

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