Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Saturday, December 11, 2010


ok so we went to vince's appt..he isnt doing TOO bad..he is not gaining weight in fact he lost a few ounces...he is at 24 pounds 7 ounces and 31 and 1/2 inches tall...his eating is getting he ate about 1/2 a strawberry PUDDING!!!! this was a 1st he has ALWAYS gagged on proud :) he did in fact get his handicap sticker which is good until april 2011..if his allergies bother his asthma in the spring he will get another..he was given a ventalin inhaler..its from what i understand a stronger form of albuterol put into an inhaler..

***today i called my step mom (my dad had told me she wanted to talk to me) so i called and she was more or less worried about me..this year has been hard..seeing and reading the hardships of CF and vince's condition both worsening and getting better both in different areas..she told me things i already knew but it felt GREAT to hear come from someones else mouth other than my own..that i have a BEAUTIFUL little boy...and a GREAAAT man :) which yes i knew,but like i said i have had a rough year and the holidays are never easy..she told me she wished i could be happy again how i was before all of this..i wish the same and i am gonna try to keep my head up and stay positive!!!tonight they invited me to just hoping sam gets back from fishing in time to do so...well thats all for now!!!

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