Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Friday, December 10, 2010

this posting is not for kids :)

ok,so i was told my last posting made a few people "mad"...i really didnt mean anything negative about it..and i had no idea a 6 year old (my sister) was reading this...i didnt even know my aunt knew this profile existed!
***LISA*** like i said i didnt know yleana was reading this..i will try to keep it happy and fun..but please remember this is to update on vince and things may not always be pleasent,such as his asthma attack the other day..if i think its too much i will put a warning type lable on it :) i hope you understand..please tell ylea i love her!

***TARA,DENISE,BRYTTNY*** honestly im not sure why tara and denise you were upset by it,but i am sorry..i have liked coming over recently and tara i like seeing our boys play also said this year has been hard for you..and i am VERY thankful for you coming with us to toledo and everything!

***anyone else*** i didnt know that this would offend everyone saying about my mom dying the same day my sister was was NOT yleana's mom was VERY sick..pnemonia,strep pnemonia,influenza a,meningitis,brain hemorage,and an sister was saved,and for that i am thankful..i love her so much...yes i miss my mom...this time of year is very hard! but i DO NOT blame her at all! i only meant in my previous post that yes it did in fact happen the same day,but nothing about the i hope everyone understands..for now that is all!!!!!!!!!!!

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