Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

frusterated with....

the fact that our CF clinic completly SUCKS! I called vince's therapist this morning because yesterday he refused breakfast and we fought him to eat dinner and was only able to get less than half of a yogurt in him..then last night when we gave the oral med he puked EVERYWHERE!!!! luckily i took my shirt off,because it seriously went all over the place and it was my favorite shirt! vince is having more than one side effect from this new not sure if it said rash but his face and neck have some hives,he must have an upset stomach since he is refusing MOST food,he has MAJOR stinky diahrea..and just a few days ago it was extremly hard! each time we give the med he either spits it out and gags, or pukes it all back out..he will take it in about 2 ounces of pop but that is the ONLY way! the nurse suggested i do tiny bits in the back of his throat even if it takes 10 you think it worked? of course not he spit ALL of it EACH time!! so i measured the dose again and put it in pop and he barely took it this time! the therapist says to offer meals and if then will not eat or does eat much to give a bottle..the nurse says oh give him yogurt for probiotics..what did she not understand about HE WON'T EAT? so i got drinkable yogurt,ya think he drinks it?? NOPE! i looked for the culturelle probiotic at walmart and they were out! im just so frusterated..i rely on my CF momma friends to get me through..i'm not sure how many you actually care but i NEED people to vent to and this really is my only way!!!!!

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