Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

vince is....

feeling better :) i think i have done my research on FB and asking others parents their input and it seems that what i have been doing is really helping..we are almost to the 6 month point ( 2 months to go) for the longest vince has been without being almost certain he would have been in back in november im gonna say he woulda been in by turkey day..but i suggested TOBI and he was cleared up..i kept pressing the fact that he was coughing and "i" knew it wasnt a cold..sure enough culture was positive now with the TOBI and cephalexin vince has almost no cough and seems to be acting more normal!!! and im starting to think i know more than his doctor..HA! im just glad to be fighting these battles and winning them over..i am normally a quiet person but i need to speak up for my sons sake! especially since i know what i mean now..and what to look for..i think all the time what if we hadn't found out about asthma before this winter..we would have been in MAJOR trouble! he's doing great, we are keeping him healthy,and he is gaing weight and getting taller..those are most important to a CF momma! of course words and milestones are important but sometimes and extra treatment is more important than trying to sort shapes for 20 minutes..i'd rather do 20 minutes of TOBI and no shapes than being in a hospital for 2 weeks doing nothing but sorting shapes..and i hope you all understand what i mean by this last part :)

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