Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ahhh :)

well today was amazing! vince woke up early at 530AM and slept in bed with me until almost 8 (sam leaves just after 530) so we got up,and i made a mistake..i allowed him to have gummy he had a bottle at 530,about 5-6 i did his TOBI and offered breakfast and he only ate about a 1/4 of i let him have some juice and play around and things..then we headed to the store to get our new friend a birthday gift :) then by time we got home it was already 1pm! so i was like ok lets try lunch..i get out stag 3 sweet potatoes and he ate all except the last bite and the scrapings! i kinda had to sing to him that the food was yummy in his did his meds and he fell i was able to for once get house work done and prepare dinner..and let me just say that was tasty! so i told sam to try feeding vince stage 3 spaghetti,which at one point he loved! and it has chunks of noodle so sometimes he gags..but not tonight! the first bite he ate and swallowed but looked unsure so we said "yay vince" and he clapped and then we gave him a high five! and he ate all except the last 2 bites! i almost can things be so bad one day and so perfect the next..he even took his enzymes! so we put some of our food in front of him while he ate cherrios after his spaghetti and gave him a fork and spoon..he had gotten some potatoes on the spoon and must not have realized it..and stuck it in his mouth..of course he spit it out and started gagging A LITTLE! but we told him good job,yay,and he wouldnt give a high five! i am so happy and proud of him! even my dad sounded excited through just a text! vince does go to see the G.I. on january 31st at 1130AM...

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