Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Monday, January 17, 2011

my, oh my!!!!!

ok so here is what wasn't an AWFUL day..but it wasnt great!!! the thrush is gone,the ear vince is pulling on is clear,and his lungs are of course wonderful :) the bad:: EACH person (doctor,nurse,therapist,ect) has a different opinion..then sam and i have ours..

DR "MIC" (not a main CF doc,but still a CF doc at the clinic) says that vince should get the tube! didnt really give a reason though...

THERAPY (speech and OT) say he should get the tube because he is not making progress the way he should and this will be a lifelong battle...

HELP ME GROW- helping us to get more "food" opinions

CF DIETICIAN- one day she says he should get the tube and another says he shouldnt..i wish shed make up her mind!!! her along with the social worker think its all behavioral..umm have you seen him FIGHT??? this isnt..he is TERRIFIED of food..he's MY son i know him better!!!!

CF SOCIAL WORKER- thinks i should only feed him in his highchair 3 times a day and not let him have anything else..not even a freaking drink!!! does she want him dehydrated???? he is always fed in his seat,or atleast we attempt it!!! and right now im about willing to let him eat anywhere he is comfortable!!!!

**so my thing is **I** think the tube would both still be good and bad..but more good..he needs his meds,and he needs food..but yet since he has started eating a little again i would like to once again work with him..i originally wanted to wait until he was 2 to begin with but with him not eating ANYTHING for a week i was worried..what mom wouldnt be?! and sam says we should continue trying what we have been and wait with the tube..

vince was also refered to a G.I. doctor right above the CF center..gee just what im looking forward to,more appoinments..but i am hoping it helps with answers..his name is dr joke :) what do you all think??

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