Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


it's the night before we go to the CF clinic! and im SUPER nervous! vince FINALLY ate something today! between 5pm and 830pm he had 3 of the single size cups of flavored applesauce! he ate for sam! 1 1/2 per sitting! of course im happy and excited..but he still had that look like he wanted to puke through his bedtime routine! but he kept it all in amazingly! 1st day in almost a week without puking and eating without a fight!!!!!! but i'm still worried for the obvious..they mentioned he may need admitted if hes not eating..and i REALLY dont want to be yelled at..BUTTTT..vince hasnt taken any oral meds since wednesday night..we still try giving his zantac but he spits it EVERY time..he also has had no enzymes as many nurses and doctors say this can bother the thrush A LOT! well guess what! i want a poop fat test thingy ma bob done because vince's poop is NOT greasy as it should be without enzymes!!!!! so if he does need them its definitly not what the docs have him on..when he got enzymes with every meal like he was directed he became VERY constipated!!! even if it was only 1 per meal...i just want vince to feel better and to KNOW whats going on! i also LOVE having my new friend brandi (another brandi :) her daughter is going through some of the same with not eating (but for other reasons) we are also the same age!!! it feels GREAT to know of someone who knows the frusterations of meals!!!!

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