Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


ok so we went to the CF center today...vince gained almost a pound he is 25 something now and 32 inches! i told them what was going on with speech and that he is no longer progressing and is still only eating very few foods..right away they wanted to do the g tube..i told them i wanted to wait since he is still gaining weigt with what i am doing here at home and that his therapist has one more we are waiting..i want to hold off until he is atleast 2..but we will have to see! not the news i wanted before my bday but i knew it was coming..i really am not even ready to think of this yet and never thought it was in his future because of how good hes been we are pushing the calories and BACK to the bottle MOST of the day for pediasure! tonight he finished his peas/sweet potatoes/turkey (baby food) and he also ate !!!!!4!!!!!!! packs of fruit snacks in one sitting! those are 100 calries today he did good..on the plus his lungs sounded WONDERFUL!!!!!

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