Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a little relief..ahhh...

ok,so finally a little good news..although for Vince i guess it's still not so great, and may make him more resistant to food..he does in fact have thrush! in the mouth, but since i had noticed his "privates" were a little red a raw looking that is having a cream put on as well..i showed the doctor at the urgent care and he looked at vince's mouth and sure enough he has it..he may not be in so much pain but its irritating,along with food going down can burn :( the doctor was not sure what is causing vince to puke when he does eat though. I am to check his mouth once a day and offer NO solid food for 2-3 days unless he "asks"! so we go to toledo on monday as a follow up,we are hoping the puking is caused from the thrush as well..he also is not taking his Zantac like he should be..he either spits it or this could also be causing the puking..if we are able to get him to eat that will push the feeding tube away for a while..which would be wonderful!!!! so every lets just hope he can get better and begin to eat..

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