Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


ok,so vince had an appointment with Help Me Grow...she right away asked about the dark circles under vince's eyes..i told her my mom ha dark circles and that vince has always had some what of the same mark,but that i do think they have been worse than normal and she suggested she thinks we should have his iron tested that he is not getting enough..she also said yes he has thinned out BUT not in his tummy :) but hs face is thinner..he was weighed and was 8 ounces less than on january 4th..on the 4th he was naked with not even a diaper..this time he had clothes and a dy diaper on..i know scales can be different but im sure he has lost some weight..but atleast its in the ounces and not the pounds..vince has had 1 bottle today and 3 cups of juice..he also tried a new cup today its LOOKS like a straw but is a little wider and still sucks on it like a hoping since he likes it and its a little more like a bottle i want to try the pediasure in it,but i DOUBT it will work! i also showed Tracy from HMG the video i took of dinner last night and she was in a "wow" state..she said it as GREAT that i took this video to show people how serious this really is! we are still waiting on the nurse to call with some dates...

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