Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mommy knows best..AGAIN!

well today we had a second opinion type of ordeal through help me grow! another dietician came out and really just asked TONS of questionsa and gave me her thoughts..before we make any REAL changes,she wants to contact the speech therapist and his CF dietician...she said no child should want to take salt mixed in something like a bottle or fruit..although i know some do.and vince used to in his bottle..and every child is different..she said vince seems to like the "sweet" foods which is why he has only ever eaten were fruits and cereal with juice and juice rather than milk/pediasure...and the only veggie is sweet ok there is one issue..yes he has some behavioral..such as only liking one flavor cherrio (the multi grain) some is the oral aversion such as putting a food in front of him and he cries! another behavioral is when he smacks the spoon for the fun of it..he also seems to not be hungry like he should be..which is why he will fight the food he likes..because he doesnt realize he is hungry..really just all of this makes SO much sense!!!!
**there is a fruit drink like juice we are hoping he will drink rather than normal juice since he doesnt want the pediasure except at night and that he gets full if i allow it during the day..its very nutrional but doesnt have much calorie wise..HOWEVER there is something i BELIEVE called chlorocal..its calories..but instead of needing to be absorbed in fat its carbohydrates so this is something he wouldn't need enzymes with (is what im told) they are also thinking of an appetite stimulant.but we are waiting to see what the G.I. has to say next monday...everyone wish us luck in getting the vest approved tomorrow at another appoinment!!!

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  1. No one gets it like another mom with a kid who just won't eat. My daughter has oral aversion as well and it's just so hard.

    I recently found this website . It has a lot of info on kids who don't eat and the treatment options out there. It's definitely worth a look.

    Good luck to you all.