Standing in my toybox =)

Standing in my toybox =)

Monday, January 3, 2011


thinking how i wish so many kids weren't sick..when one that i read on and check updates becomes sick,it makes me sad..i want them to feel well..knowing how much i hate seeing vince sick..i just cant imagine going through so much in speech i got the news vince is not progressing well enough..they have another option they want to try but he is not doing much and is back to crying through speech..i have a feeling,although i am able to keep his weight up now with small things the older you get the more food your body needs..i really think they will end with a feeding i said i dont feel he is at risk NOW since he is in fact gaining weight,but what about when he is 3 or 4??? he really cant get full and live off gummy bears and cherrios along with applesauce and yogurt...i haven't told anyone this fear but its definitly been in the back of my head,and now that i got this news it's furthur forward making me think..he HATES things near his face!!!!! as soon as we started the new med he instanlty fought everything that went near his mouth!!! the therapist also said they feel this will be a lifelong battle with food and a VERRRRY long journey to make progress...i dont want sympathy but i do want support on if any of you have gone through the same thing! i am of course worried,and not even sam knows yet as he is still working..he is at 11 hours so far making $2 more than he was..bout to be another nice check! just thought id say that!!!!

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